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Accessible reading for everyone

ditanGo is a platform that converts any text document into high-quality audio benefiting visually impaired, and people with learning disabilities or lack of time. All of them can read or study anywhere, even while performing other activities.

How ditanGo works?

Send yor text document

Choose the file or text you want to read and send it to ditanGo using our website or mobile apps.

ditanGo can read several file types like PDF, DOC and TXT.

Convert to audio

Using ditanGo website or apps, convert the text you sent into audio accordingly with your preferences.

ditanGo allows the set up of language, voice (male or female), speed, and page selection.

Listen the content

In few seconds, you can listen the content using ditanGo website or apps.

You can access and convert again the text anytime changing any parameter.


ditanGo store all texts and audios in your online library that you can access anywhere.

You can also download a MP3 file, load it in your cell phone or MP3 player to listen wherever you want.